Don't you just love listening to old radio shows on your Ipod?

Don't you just love listening to old radio shows on your Ipod?

Welcome to The Snazz! For those of you who weren’t here last week (or just didn’t read about The Snazz,) The Snazz is my new Thursday tradition (it’s lasted for two whole weeks now. That makes it a tradition) where we gush/complain/etc. about the media we’ve been interacting with all week. There’s too much bad media out there, so let’s chat about what’s good, or what’s bad and you wouldn’t recommend anyone touching with a thrity-nine-and-a-half-foot pole. Print or digital, new or ancient–it’s all good.

I’m Reading:

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie- Still. I’m finding Rushdie to be a very slow read, partially because I just can’t connect with his intensely-symbolic characters.

I’m debating what novel/non-fiction book to read next: Norah Vincent’s Self Made Man, Margret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin, or something entirely different, like the biography of Percy Shelley I’ve got lying around. hmmm…

If the my library hold had come through this week, I’d be reading Rose, which is the prequal to the graphic novel, Bone. I love Bone, it’s pure imagination with a sense of humor. Plus, Rose is the back story of Grandma Ben, one of my favorite characters in the series. She’s an old woman who races cows (as in, she runs with them.) and kicks ass.

I’m Listening:

Candy Matson, Yukon 28209 (downloadable here)- Back in the late 40’s and early 50’s, San Francisco had its own female hardboiled PI, Candy Matson, and it’s super fun to listen to. Yes, it’s very much a product of its time (She’s only a PI so that she can afford a penthouse appartment, is a former model, and relies on her male friends for help), but Candy herself is pretty smart most of the time. Her friend (who is implied to be gay), Rembrant, is a little more obnoxious of a stereotype though.

M.I.A.- Arular (careful, her website might cause seizures/give headaches)- I finally borrowed my friend’s copy of M.I.A.’s first album, and I’m dancing all over the kitchen to it.

Also, for those of you who’ve seen Coraline, any thoughts? What do you think of the addition of Wyborn? It’s been too long since I’ve read the book to compare, but I must admit that I was a little miffed by the old “let’s give a boy a larger role to make sure this movie will appeal to boys too (because we can’t have boys identifying with girls)” and I don’t remember Coraline’s mother being quite so obnoxious/fun-killing/lame. But maybe that’s just my memory.

So, what are your media crushes this week?